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Reese’s Senior Bowl Interview: CB Quinyon Mitchell showing why he’s a top CB in this year’s NFL draft

All-Star game showcases young talent

NCAA Football: Mid-American Conference Football Championship-Miami (OH) at Toledo Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns may or may not need a cornerback this year, although you cannot have enough quality guys at this position.

The free-agent list only has special teams ace Mike Ford, so the Browns are doing very well at this position. Denzel Ward made the Pro Bowl again, M.J. Emerson should have at least been an alternate, Greg Newsome had some great games and others were a roller coaster, Kahlef Hailassie played sparingly with Cam Mitchell the youngster.

CB Quinyon Mitchell – Toledo

6’-0”, 196 pounds

Projected round: 2

DBN: You played at a smaller school and didn’t play against guys who will be playing in the NFL. Is this an issue with your draft status?

Mitchell: The grind is where I shine. Playing here at the Senior Bowl will show what my skills are, so I am taking it day by day.

DBN: The Browns defensive backfield room has some guys like you from smaller schools. Is this a chip on your shoulder to prove you belong?

Mitchell: I want to grind and compete no matter what. You want to dominate your man no matter what the situation is. My game will translate to the NFL. The Toledo community is very special to me. I love rocket walks. I love running out of that tunnel. The support for our team is amazing.

DBN: Your skills can do it all. What are you best at?

Mitchell: I played a lot of off-man which allowed me to break on the ball. That gave me the opportunity to make more plays.

DBN: What is the most difficult thing about playing cornerback?

Mitchell: There are a lot of hard parts. You have to be the most athletic player on the field. You have to gauge whether it is pass or run. And stay with your man. A lot of players think they can give you a jab or fake, and you learn to wait to see where he is going and not take the jukes.

DBN: You have been called “Relentless in Coverage.” Your thoughts?

Mitchell: My coverage skills are really good and maybe that is how I got that title. I want to be the shadow at all times. I have good instincts and want to be on the field for every snap.

DBN: How did NIL affect you?

Mitchell: To me personally it helped me to build my brand, and meet with the business community.

DBN: Were you able to get involved in any charity events while at Toledo?

Mitchell: I was able to get involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs. Every time I went there it was a special feeling and we got active with the kids. When I was a kid, it was special to meet and see college athletes so I just wanted to return the favor. It is important for me to give back. The University of Toledo has given me the opportunity to play football and get an education.

DBN: What do you hope to accomplish at this week’s practices at the Senior Bowl?

Mitchell: I just want to dominate.