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Exploring the Las Vegas Strip During Super Bowl Weekend (Pictures)

I was in Las Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend to check out all of the festivities.

Many of you know that I have a YouTube channel called Poko Traveler, where I post many of my travel adventures and walking tours. This weekend, I made the trip to Las Vegas to film how the Strip looked for Super Bowl 58, leading up to the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. I shot nearly four hours worth of footage, but that won’t be ready until some time mid-week because of video processing times.

In the mean time, here are a bunch of pictures I took, highlighting how the Super Bowl has taken over the Las Vegas Strip.

The Mirage Volcano Becomes Paramount Mountain

Heading Southbound from the old Downtown area of Vegas, the biggest sign of decorations begin at the Mirage, where the classic volcano show has turned into Paramount Mountain. The mountain was a free exhibit that fans could sign up for, with a variety of activities inside. If you take the right picture of the arch with the mountain in the background, it’s supposed to look like the Paramount logo before a movie.

Caesar’s Palace Has All the Big Decorations

When it comes to selfie opportunities, the biggest attraction is the Super Bowl LVIII sign with the Lombardi trophy behind it at Caesar’s Palace. Inside of Caesar’s Palace, they also have every NFL team logo circling the lobby sculpture on the ground. In the next section, you can also see how they installed a light projection on the side of Caesar’s Palace with Super Bowl-related graphics.

CBS Sports Takes Over the Bellagio Fountains

As the host of this year’s Super Bowl, CBS Sports took center stage in front of the famous Bellagio Fountains. During the day time on Saturday, I could also see Phil Simms and James Brown on stage.

Aria Has the Most Indoor Decorations

The Brooklyn Bridge Becomes the Chip Strip

The outside of the New York, New York hotel typically features a version of the Brooklyn Bridge, but Frito Lay took it over and it became “The Chip Strip,” full of fun fan activities. They were also handing out free chip bags left and right. Later down the Strip, the Luxor also turned into a giant Doritos chip.

Allegiant Stadium, Home of Super Bowl LVIII

A little off the Strip is Allegiant Stadium, home of this year’s Super Bowl. You couldn’t get too close to the stadium due to security, but these pictures were still nice to capture. I also included a few other random photos in this section.

49ers Fans Show Their Presence

Last, but not least, the fans. I saw a lot of fans from both teams, but it certainly seemed like the 49ers fans had a bigger and more vocal presence.

Stay tuned later this week for my full video (probably four hours in length) in which I toured the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday before the Super Bowl.