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David Njoku and Puka Nacua go head-to-head in Best Catch skills challenge for Pro Bowl

See what type of acrobatic catch each player tried to pull off.

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Part 1 of the The Pro Bowl Games kicked off on Thursday, February 1, with Part 2 coming on Sunday, February 4. If you recall, last year, the league did away with the old Pro Bowl game and replaced it with a series of skill competitions (the winner of each competition earns their conference three points), plus a flag football game (the points scored go toward the conference totals).

Several members of the Cleveland Browns are involved in the skill competitions, which we will be highlighting over the weekend. Let’s start with the “Best Catch” competition, which featured one player from the AFC (Browns tight end David Njoku) and one player from the NFC (Rams wide receiver Puka Nacua). Each competitor appeared to get two attempts at making the catch.

These aren’t just regular catches they attempted: they tried to make acrobatic catches over the water. Let’s start with Njoku, who tried to make the catch as he was doing a swinging backflip:

And then Nacua tried to make the catch while on the wakeboard:

Who do you think had the better catch to earn the three points, Browns fans? Use #BestCatch + player name to vote for the winner. It seemed like the degree of difficulty was greater for Njoku’s catch, as you lose sight of when and where the ball is coming until the very last second — and then you barely have any time before you crash into the water. However, I can certainly understand why Nacua should probably earn these three points, since Njoku technically did not complete a catch.