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Reese’s Senior Bowl Interview: DT McKinnley Jackson

The annual college All-Star game has some of the nation’s best athletes.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns will need to address the defensive tackle position either by inking one or more of their three free agents, signing one in the free agency period, or drafting a young buck. This group right now is a problem area.

Our interviews with players focus on who should be available when the Browns draft in certain rounds.

DT McKinnley Jackson – Texas A&M

6’-2”, 325 pounds

Projected round: 3

DBN: What do you offer an NFL team?

Wiley: They will be getting the best f***king defensive tackle to come out in the past 20 years. Someone who loves football. Someone who doesn’t need to be motivated or pushed. I go just because I want to go. That’s what they will get out of me.

DBN: What do you think is your strength: pass rushing or run defense?

Wiley: Playing defense, that is all I care about. That is all I know how to do. I am not one type of player. I can do it all.

DBN: There are probably 400-500 coaches and scouts here at the Senior Bowl watching every practice. How are you able to handle all that scrutiny in front of all those eyes?

Wiley: At Texas A&M I have been used to playing in front of 101,000 fans. So I know it doesn’t bother me. I can only control one out here and that’s me.

DBN: When scouts leave Senior Bowl week, what do you hope they are saying about you?

Wiley: That I will fight when there is no fight left.

DBN: What is your off-season diet like, and what do you enjoy on your cheat day?

Wiley: I take care of my body. Keeping your body right will take care of everything else. I eat lots of veggies and l love my greens. Then I get some straight lean protein with chicken. Sometimes some turkey. I love collards. I don’t do a cheat day. It just makes you have to work out that much more.

DBN: Who were some of your favorite players growing up?

Wiley: One of my favorites was Lamar Jackson just because he was so dynamic. Of course, Aaron Donald who was the best to ever play my position.

DBN: What would it be like to come to the Browns and play alongside Myles Garrett?

Wiley: I would be honored. He is a legend and still young. If I could learn from him and try to become what he became. My game would be that much better learning and playing next to him. If you get the right tutelage, you utilize it.

DBN: You played in the tough SEC. Texas will finally join but you never got to play them. Did you graduate too soon as they play each other in late November?

Wiley: It will be good for both schools. I am not from Texas, but I know the intensity generated from both schools. I hate that they have to play each other and knock one another out of playoff contention, but it will be talked about for a month before they even play the game. It’s going to be a great game and a surreal moment for the fans. I can’t wait to watch it.

DBN: What do you feel you will need to do to go against offensive linemen at the next level?

Wiley: That will only motivate me to go harder. I pursue what I want and what I want is to be one of the best in the NFL. My swagger is there. My energy is there.

DBN: Last year EA Sports came out with their NCAA Football 24 game and reached a deal to pay college athletes who appear in the game. Was this lucrative?

Wiley: We got the game and played it in the locker room. We were looking to see who was actually in the game. I didn’t think about the money. Just remembering playing as a kid and wanting to be those great players and trying to get around this other great player was fun. And now here we are, we have incorporated it into a game. Kids can play it as us.