Trey Benson's Workload

This is way to long to be a comment, so made this a fan post

I noticed alot of DBN writers mocks have given us FSU RB Trey Benson in the 3rd round. I haven't looked at Benson's tape yet but I noticed an interesting stat on him. A lack of collegiate touches last season he had 156 carries and 20 receptions. 176 touches most of his career. Multiple ways of looking at this one might say a lack of hits on his body is a good thing but you might also question if he can handle a bigger NFL workload.

I looked at the top 30 RBs in the NFL in terms of rush yards last year and found the following.
22/30- Had at least one season of 200 plus touches in college.
The 8 that didn't were Jacobs, J Cook, Mostert, Pollard, Pacheco, Gibbs, Edwards, J Williams
Williams, Pacheco and Gibbs both had seasons with more touches than Benson has handled. Gibbs was 5 touches short of meeting the 200 mark and surpasses it if you count kick returns.
Of these backs some of them have good reasons for not getting collegiate carries.
Josh Jacobs- Shared carries with Damien Harris, Najee, Bo Scarbourgh
Mostert- Converted to RB as a Junior
Pollard- Played WR because they had Darrell Henderson
Williams- Shared carries with Michael Carter and covid cancelled a couple of games for him in 2020

If we draft Benson I'll look at other seasons as well. I did find it interesting have few carries he got for a top RB prospect on a team that he wasn't competing for carries with anyone all that good. None of this is to say he won't be a good player he put up some great numbers but I think work load is a question mark.

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