The Case for Adonai Mitchell in Round 2

It's no secret the Browns need help at WR. They've been attacking that position with 3rd rounders for the last few years, which I think is a fine strategy, but I think they could have done better with who they landed on. I never saw David Bell as a difference maker. At Purdue he ran mostly just crossers and he turns like a jet engine. Cedric Tillman I thought was fine, but I didn't see much of a ceiling with him. Above all, something has become abundantly clear to me. The Browns want a big body jump ball winner.

Enter Texas WR Adonai Mitchell. I've heard all the rumors about the Browns signing Tee Higgins, but how realistic is that really? We're finally at the part of Deshaun's contract where we're heavily financially handicapped. If we want a bulky, tall, physical ball skills guy who can also move like he's 15 lbs lighter, we may have to move through the draft. This is what AD Mitchell brings to the table. He can flip his hips unlike most other WRs his size, and he translates that into some really savvy route running. He understands how to look DBs off routes and break them off perfectly at the stems. Plus he has some nice burst and suddenness to him out of his cuts. Not only are his ball skills great, but they hold up through contact. Also, he has no official arm length measurement, but I anticipate it being above average, as his catch radius seems pretty wide. My only real knock on him is a lack of big time second gear speed.

My original push was for Ladd McConkey out of Georgia, because I really can't see him failing being as good of a route runner as he is, but after his Senior Bowl showing, I seriously doubt he leaves the first round, or at least the top 40. Adonai Mitchell is being talked up mostly as a high upside 2nd rounder, and we may be in a position to take him. His archetype would be a welcome changeup from our current loadout, and Cedric Tillman could become a very useful WR4, which is still incredibly valuable at a position that requires so much depth (as we've seen firsthand this year). I urge you all to take a look at Adonai Mitchell. That Texas orange would pair nicely with some Brown to complement it. I think he quickly becomes WR2 on this team.

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