Live Mock Draft

What's up Dawg Pound!

Pittsblitz56 from over at Behind The Steel Curtain, reaching out to the Cleveland faithful to try an round up a GM to take place in our Live Mock Draft. WE currently have 25 GMs in place and we need someone to represent the Browns. The draft is set for April 12th - 14th

Round 1 will be Friday night at 8pm(Eastern) 5 minute per pick

Rounds 2 - 4 will be Saturday at 1pm( Eastern) 3 minute per pick

Rounds 5 - 7 will be Sunday at 1pm(Eastern) 2 minutes per pick

We allow trades, player for pick(s) and pick(s) for pick(s)

If you have interest or know someone that may, leave a comment or send that draft head in our direction. I will answer any and all related questions. I would appreciate anyone that could possibly get this bumped to the front for a day or so. I thank you for your time!

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