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Browns announce 4 new coaches including Pass Game Specialist

Browns coaching staff still has at least one position to fill

Syndication: Notre Dame Insider Tribune Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns coaching staff is officially taking shape under HC Kevin Stefanski. While GM Andrew Berry wasn’t willing to discuss or even confirm the departures of a number of coaches when he spoke to the media in January, multiple reports confirmed that Alex Van Pelt, Stump Mitchell and TC McCartney were let go.

Bill Callahan then was reported as leaving to join his son, Brian, with the Tennessee Titans.

There were also reports of additions to Stefanski’s staff:

The Browns held a press conference on Monday of Super Bowl week after announcing all four of the hires. Stefanski and Dorsey spoke during that time but did not answer who would be calling plays.

In the official announcement from the team on the hiring of Rees, it is noted that he is the pass game specialist as well. Chad O’Shea is listed as Cleveland’s pass game coordinator on top of being the wide receivers coach.

Staley and Cesaire, along with Dorsey, bring NFL playing experience along with their time as coaches in the league.

Now that they are official, what do you think of the Browns four new coaches?