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Super Bowl ad has some playful fun with Browns fans

United Airlines’ commercial plays off fans’ undying hope that next year will be the year for the Browns.

NFL: DEC 28 Jets at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are one of four NFL teams, along with the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans, to have yet to play in a Super Bowl.

Of course, that ignores that the Browns have eight league titles to their name, and the Lions have four, but for many people, the NFL did not exist before January 15, 1967, the date of the first Super Bowl. (Or in the case of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, January 12, 1975, as they want to forget the misery that was the first 41 years of the franchise’s history.)

In any case, the Browns will be making an appearance - sort of - as part of this year’s Super Bowl courtesy of an ad campaign by United Airlines.

Featuring actor Kyle Chandler, aka the famed Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights fame - the ad offers hope that next year will finally be the year the Browns claim their first league title since 1964 and encourages fans to book their flights now:

“Cleveland, I know you’re watching other people’s teams play today. But this season, you got everyone’s attention. The grit. The wins. The defense. Next season, you get the title. Finally.

“Browns fans, this is about believing. Believing so hard that you book your flight to next year’s big game before the season even starts. Because believing that hard can change everything.”

But just in case the 2024 season does not go as planned, the ad takes the opportunity to promote that the airline does not charge a fee to change a flight.

There are five versions of the ad as they will also run in the Houston, Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City markets on Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad campaign may rub some fans the wrong way, but it is clever and all in good fun.

And you never know, next year may be the year for the Browns. After all, if you can’t trust a two-time state champion head coach like Eric Taylor, who can you trust?