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Barry is the historian of Dawgs By Nature but is not limited to only history. Barry provides readers with in-depth stories behind the scenes about players, the team, and the sport as a whole to better educate readers by helping them go inside the player in the helmet and the game on the field.

BROWNIES & FROWNIES: Ravens dominate Browns 28-3

Important divisional game

Do the Browns need a new offensive tackle?

What is the status of both offensive tackle spots?

Back-shoulder pass. Is this the ultimate passing play?

Some say it is impossible to defend

To beat the Ravens, the Browns must stop Lamar Jackson. Here are 5 strategies

The talented quarterback is the heart and soul of Baltimore’s attack

BROWNIES & FROWNIES: Browns’ defense stifles Titans 27-3  

Browns offense came to play along with one of the league’s best defenses

Browns vs. Steelers final play. Did Pittsburgh get home-field advantage?

This one play is not being talked about much

Genealogy in American Football: The Huddle

Different types and origins

5 running backs the Browns should look at signing

Franchise needs an experienced starting-caliber back

BROWNIES & FROWNIES: Steelers convert four turnovers into a 26-22 win 

Consecutive divisional games victories could have been a huge plus for the Browns

Browns workout six players

Berry gives the Browns a constant roster look