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Jared is Dawgs By Nature's Producer with 10 years experience covering Cleveland sports including his beloved Cleveland Browns. Jared has experience covering all aspects of the NFL but loves dealing with the nuances of sports including film, analysis, contracts and more.

NFL Combine Day 6: Offensive linemen put on a show and rumors swirl

The NFL draft is deep with OL talent and a lot of top end talent as well

NFL rule proposal would eliminate surprise onsides, move touchback yardage and more

The NFL wants to increase kickoff returns but the new proposal could really impact fan experience

NFL offseason: Updated rumors on Browns ‘splash’ move, Tee Higgins, OBJ, Kenny Pickett and more

NFL free agency is a big mystery but some interesting nuggets just came out

NFL Combine Day 5: Speed results, big arms lead the day but details even more important

The NFL draft could see a big uptick in receivers going early due to Saturday’s performance

NFL Combine Day 4: Free agency a mystery, smaller guys shine in NFL draft prep

Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields is "locked in" to the same team according to different sources

ESPN’s “bold” Browns prediction is illogical even if many fans would like it

Trading for Justin Fields, despite his Ohio State history, makes no sense

NFL Combine: Browns formal meeting with OLman could be sign of plans for future

Joel Bitonio can’t be great forever, Wyatt Teller is just a couple years behind

NFL Combine: Notre Dame RB Audric Estime sings, talks mom looking down on him

The photo below was used since the star NFL draft RB smiles a lot, has a great personality

NFL Combine Day 3: Flat earth, are birds real and athletes with questions share the spotlight

Browns fans take notice as players hit the field Wednesday night for the first time at this year’s Combine

NFL free agency: Interesting RB hits free agency Thursday

Alexander Mattison could draw a lot of interest including from the Browns in free agency