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Jared is Dawgs By Nature's Producer with 10 years experience covering Cleveland sports including his beloved Cleveland Browns. Jared has experience covering all aspects of the NFL but loves dealing with the nuances of sports including film, analysis, contracts and more.

Watch Myles Garret “go in motion” confuses offense into taking a timeout

A great game by Garrett, this highlight is hilarious

Browns Love & Hate: Week 3 versus Titans

Very little to hate from the Week 3 victory!

Watch Myles Garrett get held, almost get a safety and still get the sack

Garrett took control of the game for the Browns defense

Replay shows just how bad ref blew Amari Cooper’s would-be TD

A big play screwed up by the refs takes points off the board

Watch this amazing route by Jerome Ford, easy TD

Route running, play design sets up the first TD of the game

Browns-Titans inactive reports: DeAndre Hopkins, James Hudson official decisions

An important Week 3 matchup in the AFC could be impacted by health issues

If the Browns... I will feel... Predict your Sunday late afternoon

How will Sunday’s result impact your mood?

Report: Browns looked into trade, practice squad RB before signing Kareem Hunt

Cam Akers or Zonovan Knight would not have excited Browns fans

DeAndre Hopkins update for Week 3 comes Saturday night

Hopkins hit the injury report Thursday and didn’t practice on Friday

Surprising good news for Browns Nick Chubb’s injury

The fears were overstated for Nick Chubb’s injuries and return concern