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Jared is Dawgs By Nature's Producer with 10 years experience covering Cleveland sports including his beloved Cleveland Browns. Jared has experience covering all aspects of the NFL but loves dealing with the nuances of sports including film, analysis, contracts and more.

Big update on Nick Chubb’s future with Browns, contract and injury return

After numerous reports on Chubb being on the contract bubble, Mary Kay Cabot shares intel

David Njoku shoots back at silly media take on social media

PFF’s suggestion to cut the Browns tight end makes no sense

NFL mock draft: National writer gives Browns DE, WR in his 4-round mock

Adding Brandon Dorlus, Brenden Rice could be important pieces for 2024 and beyond

Browns franchise value: Not in the top 20 in the NFL, still highly ranked in the world

Value is a relative term with the team worth over $4 billion

Report: NFL salary cap expected to be much higher than initially projected

The Browns could have a little more wiggle room to work with in NFL free agency

Browns offense has to get into motion in 2024

Overall, Kevin Stefanski’s offense wasn’t good in 2023, adding motion will help

Nick Chubb’s contract is on the “bubble” going into the offseason

Browns salary cap is flexible but Chubb’s contract could add to that

AFC North: Ravens get a jump start on NFL free agency by extending WR

Nelson Agholor and Odell Beckham Jr. were set for free agency this offseason

NFL free agency: 2 top players (WR, DL) not expected to be franchise tagged

Chris Jones and Mike Evans will cash in wherever they sign in free agency

NFL draft prospect compared to former Browns speedster Travis Benjamin

Texas WR Xavier Worthy brings tons of speed like "The Rabbit" did for years in the NFL