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DBN Mailbag

DBN Mailbag: Changes With a New Owner, Run Defense, and More

One of the hot topics in this week's mailbag was obviously the situation involving Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner preparing to sell the team.

DBN Mailbag: Holmgren's Prediction, and History With Winslow and Modell [Part 2]

In part two of our mailbag session, we look at Mike Holmgren's original benchmark for the team's win total in 2012, some history involving Kellen Winslow Jr. and Art Modell, and how many tight ends and fullbacks the team will keep.

DBN Mailbag: Trent Richardson and 'Offset Language', and the Upback [Part 1]

I look at what "offset language" means and why it is holding up Trent Richardson's contract, who the team's upback could be on special teams, and whether Colt McCoy could start in Week 1 if Brandon Weeden holds out.

DBN Mailbag: Roles for Jordan Norwood and Joshua Cribbs [Part 2]

In part one of this week's mailbag, I talked about the history of Dawgs By Nature and what type of contract wide receiver Josh Gordon might receive. In part two, fans asked about how the team's depth chart will change as a result of Gordon being adde

DBN Mailbag: Gordon's Contract & Site History

In part one of our mailbag session, I talk about how I became the head editor of this site, as well as how the rookie contract for WR Josh Gordon might turn out.

DBN Mailbag: Pressure on Brandon Weeden, Training Camp Access [Part 2]

In part two of our mailbag session, the topics include media access for DBN, whether I'll be attending training camp this year, how Brandon Weeden's level of play can help or hurt the team, how teams in the division will fare, if the team can unload one of their tight ends for a receiver, and more.

DBN Mailbag: T.J. Ward's Ranking, Third-Down RB, Practice Squad Rules [Part 1]

Today's mailbag ended up being a super-sized edition, so I'm going to break it up into two parts. The topics in part one of today's mailbag include how T.J. Ward ranks as a safety, a few personal questions, who the Browns' third-down running back will be, and practice squad regulations.