Remember when James Harrison body-slammed a fan?


Apparently Harrison body-slammed him into heaven. FYI: He's still a prick.

Mitchell Released


Seemed obvious after Rucker and Parker signings.

Browns re-sign Patterson


@ProFootballtalk Browns re-sign cornerback Patterson for $16 million over three years, with $6 million guaranteed

Report: Cleveland Browns making offer for Packers backup QB Matt Flynn

The Dolphins and Cleveland are negotiating with Packers backup Matt Flynn, and will be exchanging contract offers with his agent soon, Omar Kelly of the South Floridai Sun-Sentinenl is reporting. This is very big news for the Browns and seems to confirm earlier rumors that the Browns were interested in pursuing Matt Flynn since missing out on the No. 2 pick. We'll keep you updated if anything breaks.

Brandon Marshall traded to Chicago


Are the Dolphins making room for Reggie Wayne and Manning?

Saints Keep WR Colston, Another Potential FA off the Table


Looks like Marques Colston will stay with the Saints. Drew Brees' number one wideout agreed to a five-year deal worth $40 million. Reports say that $19 million of his contract are guaranteed. I don't think this should surprise anyone, as Colston and Brees have great chemistry and that offense is pretty good. The Saints and Colston are pretty valuable to each other. Now, the Saints are probably turning their attention to retaining OG Carl Nicks, who would be among the best free agents at any position if he hits the market later today. With another free agent wide receiver re-signing with his team, I think it is less and less likely that the Browns get an impact "number one" in free agency. We might add depth or get a veteran who could help us out, but I think it would for a guy who is good in a specialized role at best. I think Heckert is taking a smart approach to free agency, as "big name" players who are available are often not worth what it takes to get them. With that said, I still wouldn’t mind going after DE Mario Williams.