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Rufio's Playbook

A Tale of Two Defenses

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Fun Film: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

Cleveland Browns 2021 Draft Class Breakdown: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

2021 Browns Draft Picks: Why Did Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Fall?

I simply love the way this guy plays the game.

Greg Newsome II: Traits and Ability

Greg Newsome II: “Scheme Agnostic”

Let’s look at Greg’s role in his college scheme and why he is a good fit for the Browns

Andrew Berry is a Wizard

Rufio’s 2021 Big Board: Intro and Top 10

Rufio’s Playbook: Baker Mayfield’s Maturation with Pre-Snap Reads and Audibles

Instant Breakdown: Baker Mayfield’s First Qtr TD to Jarvis Landry

The Cleveland Browns’ Number One Coverage: Cover 3

“Rewind! Turbo!” What is Baker Mayfield Saying at the Line of Scrimmage?

The Cleveland Browns “Pin and Pull” Run and Nick Chubb’s Elite Vision

Mama, there goes that man.

Why a “Boring” 2 Yard Gain is so Important to Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, and the Cleveland Browns

Good Signs on Film: Kevin Stefanski’s Fakes are Effective

Kevin Stefanski’s Offense: Why Bootleg Passes Are So Effective

Outside Zone: It’s Not a Cutback, It’s a Cut Downhill

Kevin Stefanski’s Number One Play: Outside Zone

Two Concepts in One: The Erhardt Perkins Playcalling Language

Avoiding Pitfalls in the Language of the West Coast Offense

Speaking Stefanski’s Language

Steve Wilks’ Game-Winning Pop-Out Blitz

The Cleveland Browns’ Red Zone Futility vs. the Buffalo Bills

Predictability and the Cleveland Browns Offense

How Many Running Plays are Too Many?

A look at the "lack of identity" in the Browns running game through the bye in 2019

Steve Wilks’ Cover 3 Buzz Adjustment

Fixing Baker Mayfield and the Browns Passing Game

Gregg Williams’ Responses to Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens Running Game

Baker Mayfield’s No-Huddle TD Drive

Mayfield only played one series to open the preseason, but it was pretty fun to watch

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens Running Game: Power O

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens Running Game: Split Zone

What to Expect from Todd Monken: Similarities, Differences from Oklahoma’s Air Raid

What to Expect from Todd Monken: Packaging Concepts and Pick Routes

What to Expect from Todd Monken: Stats Overview

What to Expect from Steve Wilks: The Fire Zone Blitz Part II

Browns Film Room: Steve Wilks’ Pattern Matching Zones


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