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Rufio's Playbook

Baker Mayfield’s Stare Down Play: A Cleveland Browns Film Breakdown

Addition by Subtraction: A Film Breakdown Of Nick Chubb’s Touchdowns Against the Atlanta Falcons

Streamlining the run game, keeping the defense guessing

Cleveland Browns Film Breakdown: Scripting Opening Plays

How can the Cleveland Browns Offense Stay on the Field?

Three keys to solving one problem

Film Breakdown: the Cleveland Browns’ Screen Pass Option

A model for successful offense

Running Despite Darkness: a Cleveland Browns Film Breakdown

How the Cleveland Browns Run the Ball at a Numbers Disadvantage

Cleveland Browns Run Pass Options

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley unveiled a few RPOs vs. the Eagles

Breaking Down Tyrod Taylor’s Perfect Drive against the New York Giants

Uptempo, no-huddle offense from the Cleveland Browns

Breaking Down Saquon Barkley’s Big Run Against the Browns

A Lack of Gap Discipine

Baker Mayfield’s College Offense Part II: Counter

Baker Mayfield’s College Offense Part 1

Was it an Air Raid?

Are You Ready to Play Some Press Man?

Rufio breaks down Mike Pettine's philosophy on defense, and how establishing the threat of the blitz creates confusion and helps the defense.

The Alex Gibbs Zone Blocking Scheme and Ben Tate

New Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will likely implement a zone blocking scheme with newly signed free agent running back Ben Tate. What is a zone blocking scheme, why has it been so successful, and why does Tate fit? Stop by to find out.

Mike Pettine's 2013 Defense: More Base Fronts

Rufio breaks down two more base fronts from Mike Pettine's 2013 Buffalo Bills defense.

Mike Pettine's 2013 Base Front

Rufio breaks down Mike Pettine's Hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense. Stop by for a breakdown of how Coach Pettine used 2-gap and 1-gap principles to stop the run.

Mike Pettine's Defense

A look at Mike Pettine's 2013 Buffalo Bills defense and what it could mean for the Cleveland Browns defense in 2014.

Rufio's Film Room: Wildcat Edition

Rufio breaks down the Cleveland Browns' wildcat plays against the Chicago Bears in week 15 and explains why they were successful.

Passer Rating's Shortcomings

Passer rating is outdated, complicated, and it isn't the best "advanced" stat out there for quarterbacks. It is time to stop using passer rating. Read more to find out why.

Rufio's Film Room: Browns' Inside Zone

Rufio breaks down one of the Cleveland Browns' most used run plays; inside zone. Stop by for an in-depth look at the Xs and Os, complete with game film and analysis.

Rufio's Film Room: 2013 Cleveland Browns Defense

Rufio breaks down some positive signs from the Cleveland Browns' defense through two games

Rufio's Film Room: Carolina's Openers

Rufio breaks down Rob Chudzinski's opening plays of the 2012 season with the Carolina Panthers.

Protecting the Seams Pt. 2: Nick Saban's "Rip/Liz"

"Pattern-match" coverage is a mix between man and zone. This is an introduction to pattern matching and also an in-depth explanation of Nick Saban's RIp/Liz pattern-match adjustment to Cover 3 vs. a 2x2 receiver formation.

Way-Too-Early Analysis: 2013 Cleveland Browns

Guesses about what the 2013 Cleveland Browns offense and defense will look like after seeing one preseason game.

Barkevious Mingo in coverage: the Seam technique

How are hybrid edge rushers used in coverage? How do 3-4 defenses get 8 in the box to stop the run and still defend the pass? Stop by for an Xs and Os primer on the curl-flat position and the seam technique in a Dick LeBeau style defense.

Make it Rain: Speed on the Edge

A closeup Xs and Os breakdown of the blitz "rain" and how athletic edge rushers open up rushing lanes for their teammates. Used by Nick Saban and Bill Belichick, "rain" is an effective blitz concept against empty backfield sets.

The Air Coryell Offense: Reading 839 F flat

The Air Coryell Offense: Reading 839 F flat. Rufio breaks down what a QB is looking for when running this Air Coryell staple, how he determines where to throw the ball, and how the routes are run.

Getting Vertical with the Air Coryell Offense

Getting Vertical: Rufio breaks down the Air Coryell Offense and it's strong side package. Stop by to learn about the Air Coryell Offense's terminology.

Reading a defense from your couch

A quick how-to on reading defenses from that annoying broadcast camera angle. Learn about types of coverages and how to interprete what you see from a defense during an NFL broadcast.

Rufio's Film Room: Jamaal Charles' 80 Yard TD Run

Rufio breaks down coaches' film of Jamaal Charles' 80 yard touchdown run in the Browns vs. Chiefs matchup in week 14 of the NFL season.

Rufio's Film Room: Facing Dick LeBeau

Rufio breaks down a pittsburgh steelers' sack of Brandon Weeden during the 4th quarter of the Browns' Week 12 win

Rufio's Film Room: Chargers

Rufio breaks down film of the Browns' running game vs. the Chargers. Stop by for some in-depth Xs and Os breakdowns and coaches' film highlights of the running game.

Film Breakdown: Browns' Runs vs. Colts

Rufio breaks down the Cleveland Browns running game and their lack of success vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Was Trent Richardson's injury the only factor that led to his poor performance of 8 yards on 8 carries? Stop by for in-depth Xs and Os.

Rufio's Film Room: Giants II

Rufio breaks down coaches' film from the Cleveland Browns' offense vs. the New York Giants' defense in their week 5 matchup.

Coaches' Film breakdown of Browns D vs Giants O

Rufio Breaks down where the Cleveland Browns defense went wrong in week 5 vs. the New York Giants.

Rufio's Film Room: Browns O vs Ravens D (3rd down)

Rufio does video breakdowns of key 3rd down plays from the Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens week 4 matchup.

Rufio's Film Room: video breakdowns of Browns film

Rufio's Film Room: come catch video breakdowns of Browns film from Rufio at Dawgs By Nature


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