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Rufio's Playbook

Rufio's Film Room: Browns O vs Ravens D (3rd down)

Rufio does video breakdowns of key 3rd down plays from the Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens week 4 matchup.

Rufio's Film Room: video breakdowns of Browns film

Rufio's Film Room: come catch video breakdowns of Browns film from Rufio at Dawgs By Nature

Preseason Week 3: (Non)gameplanning and James Michael Johnson's Rookie Inconsistencies

Will rookie LB James-Michael Johnson serve as a capable replacement for suspended LB Scott Fujita? Does he have the talent to succeed in the NFL? Stop by for a Xs and Os breakdown.

Mini Film Analysis: Reggie Hodges' Blocked Punt

Who was responsible for Reggie Hodges' blocked punt in the Cleveland Browns preseason loss to the Philadelphia Eagles? How does punt protection work? Stop by for some Xs and Os analysis.

Rufio's Mini Recap: Brandon Weeden Goes Deep

Rufio breaks down QB Brandon Weeden's deep pass to WR Travis Benjamin in the Cleveland Browns preseason victory vs. the Detroit Lions in week 1 of the 2012 preseason.

The 2011 Cleveland Browns Defense: Vs the Run

How did the 2011 Cleveland Browns defense aim to stop the run? What specific things led to good plays or big runs for opposing offenses? Stop by to learn some Xs and Os and get all the answers.

The 2011 Cleveland Browns Defense: Base Defense and Overview

What did the Cleveland Browns' 4-3 defense look like in 2011? Check out this article to learn some Xs and Os and get an overview of the Browns' defensive scheme.

Brandon Weeden, Jon Gruden, and Trips 410/Stick

Take a small look inside QB Brandon Weeden's offense at Oklahoma State; Rufio breaks down the 410/stick option play that Weeden discussed in his interview with Jon Gruden.

The Cleveland Browns' Offense: Four Verticals and...Five Verticals?

How do the Cleveland Brown attack defenses with four vertical receivers? Stop by for an X's and O's breakdown and analysis.

Breaking Down Random Plays from the Browns Offense

Stop by for a review of the Cleveland Browns offense against the St. Louis Rams. Rufio breaks down tape and explains why we were--and weren't--successful.

The San Francisco 49ers' Sweep Play, and the Cleveland Browns' Defensive Adjustments

How does the San Francisco 49ers running game overwhelm an opponent? How can they be stopped? Does anyone still run the old "Lombardi Sweep"? Stop by to find out.

Beating the Blitz: Throwing "Hot"

What is a hot route? How do offenses beat the blitz? Stop by for a breakdown of throwing hot and beating the blitz.

Pass Protection 101

What are the basics of pass protection? Stop by to learn about Man, Zone, and combination schemes.

Breaking Down Cedric Benson's Soul-Crushing 4th Quarter Run

Cedric Benson's 4th quarter TD run crushed all hope of a Cleveland Browns victory in week one. Stop by for a complete breakdown of the game's decisive play.

The 2010 Saint Louis Rams' Offense: Smash, Snag, Stick, and Slot-out

Stop by for more plays that you can expect to see from the Cleveland Browns' offense in 2011.

The 2010 St Louis Rams Offense: Passing Game

What did the St. Louis Rams' offense look like in 2010 and what can Cleveland Browns fans expect from Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense in 2011? Stop by to find out.

The St. Louis Rams 2010 Offense and What to Expect from Cleveland in 2011

What did Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense look like with the St. Louis Rams? An in-depth look at the running game in Shurmur's offense.

The West Coast Offense: Gameplanning and Play Calling

How do NFL teams decide which plays to call next? What is on those huge laminated sheets that coaches are carrying on the sideline? An in-depth look at how West Coast teams lay out their gameplans and call plays.

The West Coast Offense: Ball Contol Passing

What does it mean to be a ball control offense? Get a look at the West Coast Offense's efficient ball control passing game.

The West Coast Offense: Timing-Based Passing

How did Bill Walsh create a precision timed passing attack for the San Francisco 49ers? How does the timed, 5-step drop passing game work in the West Coast Offense? Stop by to find out.

The West Coast Offense: The Bill Walsh Offense

What exactly is the West Coast Offense? What is it's impact on today's NFL? Stop by for a general overview and teasers for future posts.

Stopping the run in the 4-3 Defense

How do 4-3 defenses stop the run? Deal with the threat of a two-back, downhill running game? Why do defensive linemen love the 4-3 defense? What is a run fit? Stop by to find out.

The Cleveland Browns Draft Phil Taylor: What does it mean for our defensive scheme?

What does the pick of Baylor DT Phil Taylor mean for the Cleveland Browns' defense? What type of defensive scheme will the Browns run in 2011? Check in to DBN to find out.

Draft Terminology: The "Rush End," the "Power End", and Defensive Line Versatility

What is a "rush end"? What is the difference between a "strong side defensive end" and a "weak side defensive end"? Check in to find out.

Draft Terminology: The "Sam" "Mike" and "Will" Linebackers

Draft Terminology: The "Three Technique" and the "Five Technique"

What the heck is a five technique end? A three technique tackle? Come find out in our series explaining scouting terminology.

Brian Daboll and Constraining a Defense

How do NFL teams keep defenses honest? An in-depth look at Cleveland Browns X's and O's.

Yards Per Attempt, Yards Per Carry, and Offensive Balance

How do yards per carry and yards per attempt factor in to a balanced offense? Why are announcers wrong when they look at rushing vs. passing attempts to determine offensive balance? An in-depth look at these numbers and what they mean.

The Saints Go Deep: the Fade and the Fade-Stop

What should the Cleveland Browns be ready for when facing the New Orleans Saints? Find out how the Saints will use four verticals and the fade-stop to go deep in their passing game.

Rufio's Playbook: Personnel and Formation Applied

Why are on-field matchups so important in the NFL? A look in to the cat and mouse game of personnel and formation using a St. Louis Rams preseason touchdown as an example.

Rufio's Playbook: The "Pin and Pull" Outside Zone Run

How does the Pin and Pull outside zone run differ from the normal zone runs? How do they fit in to the Cleveland Browns' offense? An X's and O's look at this variant on the stretch play.

Becoming "Multiple": Passing Concepts and the Snag Concept

What do coaches mean when they speak of being "multiple"? How are passing concepts different than passing plays? What is the snag route? An in-depth look at all those things and more.

Becoming "Multiple": Personnel and Formation

Many coaches desire to be "multiple", but what does that even mean? Here, I break down how an offense can provide a defense many different looks through manipulation of who is on the field and where they are on it.

Rufio's playbook: The Inside Zone Run

How does the Inside Zone run differ from the Outside Zone run? How is it used as a part of a zone blocking system? How did the Cleveland Browns use the inside Zone run in 2009? Those questions answered and more in this post.

Rufio's Playbook: Zone Blocking in the Running Game

What in the world is "zone blocking"? What are teams trying to accomplish when they utilize zone running plays? An in-depth look at strategy that no NFL fan should miss.

Rufio's Reaction to the Cleveland Browns' 2010 NFL Draft

How did the Cleveland Browns do in the 2010 NFL draft? Why did we "reach" for Montario Hardesty and TJ Ward? A look at the Browns' picks after an exhausting weekend.


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