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Sprint GB of the Week


Gameball of the Week: Benjamin Watson

The only people I considered were on offense -- Colt McCoy and Ben Watson. While McCoy undoubtedly had a good game throwing the football, I am giving this week's game ball to Watson.

Gameball of the Week: Joe Haden

I thought about doing a poll for this week's game ball because there were several Browns who had their best games of the season. After thinking it through though, I think everyone was so impressed by what Joe Haden did that he would win the poll in a landslide.

Gameball of the Week: Abram Elam

For now, it's time to award this week's game ball to starting safety Abram Elam. I viewed Elam as a weakness in our secondary last season and part way through this season because he seemed like a low-impact player.

Gameball of the Week: Peyton Hillis, and the Need for a Backup RB

After the Browns' 34-14 victory over the Patriots, I don't think there is any doubt that running back Peyton Hillis deserves the game ball again. In all three Cleveland victories, he has been instrumental in closing out the game with punishing runs.

Gameball of the Week: Which Browns Player Should Get It?

Who do you think should be awarded the game ball this week for the Cleveland Browns after their victory over the New Orleans Saints?

Gameball of the Week: Scott Fujita

Although the Browns not having an interception for their past three games, they've forced fumbles against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Atlanta Falcons thanks to the play of Scott Fujita. While it's tough to give a game ball after a loss, there's no shame in what the defense did overall against Atlanta in giving up just 13 points.

Gameball of the Week: Peyton Hillis

Despite the fact that the Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens by a final score of 24-17 on Sunday, one player certainly deserves a game ball for his efforts: running back Peyton Hillis.